Where I’m at in Life (night post)

Just like any other broke college student, becoming a stripper sounds very appealing at the moment… I’m kidding.

It’s finally Winter break!

I just finished my first semester as an official Communications Major and boy, I thought I was going to do horrible. I for one, am not a morning person. So waking up early for an 8am (especially during the winter) kinda sucks. That means I have to wake up at 6:30am just so my mind is aware that I have to be up soon. Then I get up at 7am to start up my coffee. Start my car at 7:15am, come back inside and brush my teeth, pour the coffee and my favorite hazelnut creamer into my travel mug, put on warm clothes and grab my backpack and leave the apartment. Oh, and then I have to scrape the snow (maybe frost depending on the cold) off my windows and then slowly drive my 1995 Toyota Corolla to school. Sometimes if I’m late I don’t even bother and drive off (‘I like to live my life dangerously’ as quoted by the boyfriend).

Then I have to park a few blocks away from the school because I don’t want to buy a parking pass that doesn’t even guarantee me parking spot at all. After I get on to campus, I have to walk up the 3 flights of stairs that I will never get used to…ever. Then I repeat that for another four days because for some reason all communication classes are in the mornings. Then after classes are done I have to work and do adult stuff until 3:30 p.m. everyday and then I can finally come home and pretend I have nothing to do (but really I’m just procrastinating). But that’s on a good day.

A bad day is me not waking up on time for class and accidentally missing my 8am. Which makes me not want to go to any of my other classes. Then I forget my coffee because I don’t want it anymore, but end up buying a $4 latte at the school cafe before work. But before ANY of that even happens, my car stalls and dies on me two times before it actually starts, or just dies on the road as I’m driving…

Yeah…..college is horrible. Nah. I’m just being dramatic (those bad days do happen though). I passed all my classes and got a 3.2 GPA for the semester…not the best…but better than I had expected. I was expecting a probation or something because I skipped my morning classes a lot. Also considering that two of those classes counted attendance as grade. I actually overslept half the time so…I’m sorry professors TT__TT.

I also finally learned how to use my brothers video camera and take footage. I also learned the basics of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to make my videos a little better, but I still got a long way to go. I’m just hoping I get out of college in the next 2.5 years as a better media studies professional. Let’s just hope that I am ready for next semester because I finally got permission to take Video Production I, and I am SUPER STOKED!

Okay, I really need to sleep. Talk about not being a morning person–I procrastinate the most on sleep and I work at 9AM tomorrow (still better than 8am).

Have a wonderful night!

` Ka Lia


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