Quick Update on Life! 4.18.17

For those of you who have been waiting for me to post- I apologize for the delay. A LOT has happened over the past month and it has been a little overwhelming, and lately it has not been getting any easier. So please bear with me a little longer, I have two writings in the process (possibly three now lol). 

But yeah, SO, you guys might be asking “Aye Ka Lia, what happened?”

Let me give you a list to make it a little easier:

  • I FINALLY declared my major!! I am now majoring in Communications with an emphasis on Media Studies. You guys might be like “That’s it?? Sounds laaaaameee” well, it’s most definitely not! I’m debating if I want to go into video production or production in general, or some kind of media advertising (using forms of videography). Or maybe both…I’m still debating, STILL COOL THOUGH! I might be the future producer of a great movie okay?? Yeah, probably not. 
  • I got hired last month (March) at an ice cream shop. I needed a job to help me pay bills, but turns out I didn’t get the hours that I wanted. So I searched for other jobs. 
  • I had to find another housing option for next year with my roommates because, I ain’t happy with my roommate now (how hard is it to do dishes, after you’re done using them? Like really…it takes 5 mins maybe less -_-).
  • I had to cram study for a lot of exams because of procrastination (do not procrastinate. lol.
  • Helped out with fundraisers for an event my group was going to (MAASU).
  • Had two interviews in one week for positions on campus (one was pretty serious).
  • That weekend of the interviews, I went to Michigan for MAASU (Midwest Asian American Student Union) WHICH WAS GREAT! I met some life long friends, and many others from the Asian American community. If y’all don’t know what that is, y’all should check it out 😉
  • Landed the job just LAST WEEK as a Promotions and Social Media Coordinator in my school! Which is great because it leans towards the “Real-Life”, after college job that I would want (Promotional stuff).
  • LANDED THE JOB AS STUDENT BLOGGER! Which is awesome because it’ll help me practice writing better than right now haha.
  • Meaning I now have 3 jobs, but the blogger position does not start until May.
  • I am currently training for the Promotions job and it is pretty crazy. I still feel like I don’t know anything and I’m a little worried. I can’t really ask questions because I don’t know what to ask. I’ll figure it out though, I promise. 
  • I have to work on a final, which is composing a song for a songwriting class. COMPOSING. IS. HARD. Some people have god given talent, and are super talented and it’s easy for them to compose. But for me, I just can’t process everything. Lol.


So that’s the exciting stuff. The sad stuff? Yes, the sad stuff, but I’ll keep it short.

Two of my close relatives passed away this month (My uncle, and my sister’s Father-In-Law). Many hearts are broken and many families are grieving. This is a time where I have to be there for my family, and pretty much set aside the extracurricular stuff. Time isn’t always on our side, so we have to focus on our loved ones and be there for them in the time of need. You never really know when someone is going to take their last breath (sorry for being depressing).

I was aware that my uncle was in the hospital, but didn’t find out about his passing until I came home 6 days later. No phone call alerting me. Nothing. I still feel like they’re still here, and it makes me not want to let go. But I have to eventually.

What’s keeping my heart at ease, is knowingheaven has gained two angels. Both who are strong warriors at heart . They always fought for good, and they will continue to fight for good (:



But I’m kinda rushing on this, which is super bad and I’m sorry. But I got a paper to write and I’m procrastinating. Lol!

Anyways. That’s an update on my life. In the meantime, feel free to shoot me a message on questions you have, or what you would like me to talk about next (: 
Until next time,


` Ka Lia ♥


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