My First Paranormal Experience

Many raise an eyebrow when it comes to the topic of Ghosts or anything paranormal. To many, it’s a laughable topic. I for one love reading, researching, and watching shows about the paranormal. Ghost Adventures is my all time favorite. I gotta say the best episode by far was probably the most recent Episode 13 – St. Anne’s Retreat. (Also loved the episode in Ireland with the Banshee). Supernatural is my favorite TV Show (C A S T I E L ! ) Just starting to get into Paranormal Lockdown with Nick and Katrina– gosh I’m getting ahead of myself. ANYWAYS, I am going to be sharing with you my earliest childhood experience with the paranormal.

It all started when I was in Preschool. I honestly do not know why, but I went to three preschools, but I like to think that one was a daycare. Even till this day I still don’t know.

It was free time and the classroom was set up with different activities. One was painting, another was reading, playing house with the costumes, water table, or drawing at the tables. There was this one girl that I never really liked in class (don’t remember why) and I remember grabbing a wedding dress costume and putting it on. Her friends yelled at me that it belonged to her and forced me to take it off. So I did and went to the tables to sit and watched them play and mock me. Of course, I was sad and frustrated. Then I looked at the door and saw a teacher standing there looking at me. She had shoulder length, fuzzy ginger/red hair, and was wearing a really old track suit (Think purple, blue and green). She motioned her hand for me to go towards her and I was confused but I thought “Eh. Why not? She’s a teacher”. So I took her hand and walked with her. We went into the gym and there were a bunch of teachers and kids screaming with joy and playing. The gym was all set up with activities and my mouth dropped, I was like “DUDE! THIS IS AMAZING!” The only thing that appealed to me, however, was this plastic slide that was in the middle of the gym. It was as if the slide was meant just for me, like there was a ray of light that just pointed to the middle of the gym (it was pretty cool).

So I let go of the teachers hand and ran to the slide and just went on and off it for I don’t know how long. The teacher just smiled at me the whole time and watched me play, I honestly don’t know how long we were in there. When I sat at the top of the slide ready to go down, I saw three teachers and my dad walking past the gym door and I screamed out “DAD!” They stopped and looked in and I ran out. My dad yelled at me in our Hmong language “Why were you in there!??” And I told him there was a teacher and that she was playing with me. The other teachers asked me “Which teacher? What did she look like?” And I explained to them and pointed into the gym, but when I turned to show them, the gym was pitch black and the sound of the children laughing and screaming all of a sudden went silent. They looked at each other nervously and turned on the light in the gym and it was empty. The teachers looked at me and I tried to explain to them that there really was a teacher that brought me there, otherwise I wouldn’t have left the classroom. I don’t think they believed me. Turned out that it was already 30 minutes after school ended and all the students and half the staff were already gone for the day.

Until this day, I still feel like it was a dream. But because my dad told me the story too, I know that it really happened. I can still see the teacher smiling at me and just watching me play. Sometimes I like to think she was my guardian angel haha. Because she saw how sad I was and wanted me to have fun like the other kids. It was a special kind of moment. When I think back about it, it wasn’t and still isn’t that scary. For some reason, it makes me feel a little special.

Anyways, that’s my first memory of encountering something paranormal. It’s not bad. It definitely left an impression on me that ‘ghosts’ aren’t all bad. I have a lot more but those can be saved for another day.

In the mean time, if any of you have any paranormal experiences, comment and share below! I love hearing scary stories! And thanks for reading! ^___^


P.S. The featured photo is from a concept photo shoot I did for a play I was in. I played as the ghost 😛

` Ka Lia ♥


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  1. Gatekeeper says:

    Had you encounter anything dangerous?

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    1. theekaleeful says:

      Hello! No, I have never encountered anything dangerous, but I know some friends who have. Pretty crazy stuff. Thank you for your question!

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      1. Gatekeeper says:

        The paranormal is some crazy stuff. I know those who interact with spirits usually have a variety of experiences included bad ones. Glad you had not any dangerous encounters. If I could ask what was you scariest one?

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      2. theekaleeful says:

        It is pretty crazy. I’ve actually never really had a really scary encounter. My siblings have told me things that happened around me when I was a baby though, but of course I was too young to remember. This one time, I was probably only a couple months, I was in my crib and I woke up crying in the middle of the night. My grandma and my sister came in to check up on me and my sister said I kept looking at the corner of the room shaking my head ‘No’ and crying. My grandma was very spiritual and kinda sensed something bad in the room so she grabbed me and gathered all the kids into the living room. But that house was pretty haunted from what my siblings told me. A lot of crazy stuff happened. But that’s another story for another day ahaha.

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  2. Akaluv says:

    I also like the paranormal =) Paranormal Witness and A Haunting are some of my favorite shows. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

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  3. Gatekeeper says:

    I am always interested in stories involving the paranormal Ka Lia and would enjoy to to hear about your experiences. As a hobby, I run the paranormal blog Abnormal Realm and planning in the near future to add a section featuring ghosts stories. Upon the time, may I come back to you on the possibility of adding the story of your first paranormal experience or some other encounter from the past?

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    1. theekaleeful says:

      Wow that sounds awesome! I would love to share more stories with you! (: Feel free to email me sometime 😄

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  4. darbi says:

    That really is a sweet memory. I enjoy the para world as well. I favorite part is all of the history that comes with old buildings and the real stories that make them what they are. I recently shared one of my first experiences at where a friend and myself has paranormal blog. Check it out if you would like to. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. darbi says:

    I for got to mention that the title of the post I wrote about my first is “The things that go bump at night” Have a good weekend!

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